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Ring Resizing 2

Ring resizing

Resizing a ring usually costs from £120 and takes around 3-5 working days. We also offer an express same day service charged from £190.

We are a traditional jewellery workshop in Hatton Garden, the heart of the UK jewellery industry. We are able to resize almost any ring with precision and craftsmanship. Using state of the art laser welding machines the joints are invisible and hard wearing. Postal service also available (see below for details).

Book a Resize

To book a resize you'll need to provide your contact details and we'll get back to you. If you would like to book for a specific time please indicate this and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are open 9.30am until 5.30pm Tuesday to Saturday.

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Every resize is different and hence while we suggest a guide price above, the exact cost will vary with ring style, width and metal.

Therefore we recommend booking an appointment to have your ring assessed.

N.B. Express same day resizing is subject to availability and hence we recommend booking an appointment prior to visiting us.

Not Close to London?

What if you are not close to London? While we offer the quickest and best ring resizing service in London, this does not help everybody.

If you are not within travelling distance we also offer ring resizing via postal service. All you need to do is click the Request an Envelope button below; or contact us on 020 3780 2258 and we will provide you with details on how to send the ring to us; as well as how to ascertain the correct ring size.

When we receive your ring it will be opened and assessed under HD CCTV, at which point we will contact you to confirm receipt, and confirm the precise cost of the resize (if adding a significant amount of precious metal, or the resize is particularly difficult, there occasionally can be additional costs).

Once you have confirmed you are happy to proceed we will resize the ring to the desired size and return it to you. Should you not want to proceed, we will return the ring to you immediately by next day delivery.


So happy with the service I have received from Scott. I had a very vague idea of what I wanted and he was fantastic and putting that idea into the most beautiful bracelet I could ever have hopped for.

I also needed my ring resized and it was done in an hour.

Highly recommend.

Saturday 15/12/2018

Gina Romandy

All you need to know about resizing a ring

Resize your jewellery in our London jewellery workshop. Whether it is your engagement ring, a sentimental dress ring, or a family heirloom, if your ring needs adjusting, we are happy to help.

Why let your jewellery sit in a drawer, unworn because it isn’t quite right?

At Hatton Garden Workshop, whether your item is platinum, palladium, 18ct or 9ct white, rose or yellow gold, or even silver, we can make sure it fits perfectly, so you can wear and enjoy your jewellery without worry.

Please note, all rings will be assessed before being accepted, as certain rings are too delicate to be resized or cannot be resized past a certain point.

Our standard sizing process takes 3-5 working days.

We also offer an express same day resize service. Contact us for details.

Making Your Ring Larger

In some cases, if your ring only needs to be sized up by one or two sizes, our expert goldsmiths will opt to ‘stretch’ the ring. This means we can increase the size without having to make any edits to the metal. However, this is only really feasible on plain wedding band rings, and more often than not we will use another method.

Our expert goldsmiths will cut a small section in the ring and stretch the shank to the required size. They will then add a piece of metal to the resulting gap - like closing the gap when we make a ring smaller, this is also done using either the soldering or laser welding method, depending on the metal the ring is made from.

Making Your Ring Smaller

Making a ring a smaller size usually consists of our expert goldsmiths cutting the required segment at the bottom of the shank of the ring, carefully avoiding the hallmark or any other engravings the ring might have. Then, depending on the metal of the ring, our goldsmiths will either solder or laser weld the join at the bottom.

With our laser welding machine, the join will be completely invisible. However, with certain types of silver or platinum solder, the join might become visible over time - this is not very common however, and these types of metal are no longer really in use.