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Jewellery Repairs

Our team of master goldsmiths are able to repair almost all jewellery within our onsite jewellery workshop. From a damaged engagement ring to a broken chain our goldsmiths are able to help.

We Are Experts in Jewellery Repairs

Our team of master goldsmiths are able to repair almost any item of jewellery. Whether you need to rebuild claws on your engagement ring, or to repair a broken chain, we are here to help.

While we have included some indicative costs of some of the more common repairs below, each is unique and hence we would recommend bringing in your item for a goldsmith to assess and provide a quotation.

Contact us now to book an appointment or come in to visit us at Bleeding Heart Yard, Hatton Garden.

A number of the repair services we offer are below

Service Price
Tightening loose diamonds  £30 per stone
Filling/Filing scratches   From £35
Re-tipping damaged or worn claws  £40 per claw
Supply and fitting of new earring posts/butterflies   From £70
Replacing lost diamonds  From £25
Re-shanking old rings  From £250
Chain repairs  From £40

If you cant find the service you are looking for above, contact us for a quotation, or come in to see us. | 020 3780 2258

Who will be repairing your jewellery?

Many of the best goldsmiths start their career learning how to repair jewellery as this gives an invaluable lesson in both the structure of jewellery, but also the most common mistakes made when making a piece, which leads to the need to repair it. Our goldsmiths at the Hatton Garden Workshop are all classically trained and have completed apprenticeships learning the profession from the bottom up. This means a wealth of experience in both repairing and manufacturing jewellery of the highest quality.

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All you need to know about Jewellery repairs

There are many techniques involved in repairing jewellery and the correct one will vary from piece to piece.

Different factors such as the level of work needed, or the metal which needs to be worked in, all contribute to the difference in work required for repairing your item.

Jewellery repair is a delicate process, which our expert goldsmiths handle with the utmost care and precision.

As each item’s repair requirements are different, the best thing to do is to book an appointment with us to get an assessment for your jewellery repair. You will be able to liaise with the goldsmith to ascertain exactly what needs to be done, and how your repair will be carried out. From there we will be able to give you a precise quote and time frame for the work.

We are happy to carry out repairs, subject to assessment, on items made from silver, platinum, palladium, 18ct or 9ct yellow, white, or rose gold.

If additions need to be made to your item, we make sure that the highest quality of metal is used.

The most common repair we see is re-tpping old, worn out claws on engagement rings. We recommend checking the claws every few years, as the deterioration of jewellery claws tend to be the main cause of stone or diamond loss.

We also offer replating services for your jewellery. If your white gold jewellery has begun to look a little yellow, we can Rhodium plate the item to get it looking as good as new, restoring that just out the box feeling!

We also offer earring repair, be that butterfly replacements, or if we need to replace the post of the earrings.

If you need a necklace repair, we can restore missing chain links, provide a new clasp, or fix broken catches if need be.

At Hatton Garden Workshop, we can also help with re-polishing old or damaged stones, both diamond and semi-precious. This can give your jewellery a brand new lease of life, and offer many more design opportunities for your existing jewellery!