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Cleaning & Servicing

Jewellery Cleaning

Servicing your jewellery regularly is key to keeping it looking good and most importantly structurally sound. We offer a full range of services from our Hatton Garden jewellery workshop.

Traditional Jewellery Workshop

The Hatton Garden Workshop is fully equipped to deal with all jewellery servicing. With our on-site workshop our team of goldsmiths can service your jewellery quickly and efficiently. As well as standard servicing we also offer a while you wait express service.



Description Price
 Full Service for Platinum, Palladium, 18ct yellow or Rose gold  £85
 Full Service for 18ct white gold  £100
Express while you wait servcie +£40

* Prices can vary with ring condition.

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All you need to know about jewellery cleaning and servicing

At Hatton Garden Workshop, our on-site workshop means that your jewellery is safe in the hands of our professional goldsmiths when it’s time for your jewellery service or jewellery cleaning. Our talented goldsmiths and diamond setters are able to clean and service engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, wedding bands, as well as more delicate vintage jewellery items. There are many different ways to maintain your jewellery. Below are some of the most common techniques.


Laser Filling

For any deeper abrasions or damage caused to the metal we are able to use one of our state of the art laser welding machines to effectively melt new metal into the cavity. While it can be a skilled and timely process this alleviates the need to remake or replace a damaged item.


Our specialist polishing wheels are specifically made for jewellery, and come equipped with many varying grades of hard to soft grain polish finishes. This process focuses mostly on the metal of your jewellery, and the different grades mean that we can be sure to polish out any scratches on the metal. This is what keeps your precious metal full of lustre and sparkle! This is a delicate process, and requires the skilled handiwork of our trained goldsmiths in our on site workshop.

jewellery polishing wheel.jpg
cleaning jewellery with an ultrasonic cleaner.jpg

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Following the polishing process, your jewellery will next go through an ultrasonic clean. Our jewellery grade cleaner uses ultrasonic waves to remove dirt, grease, grime and any polishing sediment from your jewellery. This particular process is what will really clean your diamond! The surface of a diamond is naturally quite slick, and traps dirt and grease quickly - it is easy for this to happen so incrementally that it is difficult to notice. The ultrasonic cleaner gives your diamond a new lease of life, cleaning it completely and restoring that dazzling sparkle! A few specific precious gemstones can not be exposed to ultrasonic waves so please contact us if you would like to know if yours can be.

Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaner sends out high pressured bursts of steam, which clean any remnants of dirt or polishing agents off your jewellery, sterilising the item and making it perfectly clean for you to wear and enjoy! This requires the skill of our on-site goldsmiths, who delicately clean your ring, necklace, earring, or any other jewellery you may have.