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Jewellery Remodelling

Do you have a piece of jewellery which has sentimental importance to you but you never wear? Perhaps you should consider having it re-modelled.

At the Hatton Garden Workshop we can melt down you own jewellery and re-fashion it into another item. This will ensure that your jewellery is not left lying around in a drawer never worn, but is being used and enjoyed!
This is also a lovely way of bringing older jewellery up to date, and ensuring you have a lasting momento to wear forever.
Some of our clients bring in old family wedding rings to be melted down and included in their own new rings.
Remodelling jewellery can give old items a new lease of life and update family heirlooms.
We can unset stones out of old jewellery and reset them into new designs. Many of our clients bring several items with different stones in, and reset them into more modern rings, earrings, or pendants for necklaces.
If you have any ideas of your own, we are happy to help you achieve them - we can help you with designing brand new items from your old jewellery, and our expert goldsmiths can help guide you on what is or isn’t feasible design-wise.
At Hatton Garden Workshop, our goldsmiths are happy to work in platinum, palladium, 18ct or 9ct white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as silver jewellery. If you have any questions or are intrigued by our re-modelling service, don't hesitate to contact us or book an appointment to meet with us - we are always happy to help.

Below is an example of how we have remodelled a customer's inherited signet ring into their wedding band. Using a loved ones gold is a great way to create a lasting memory which can be worn forever.



A customer's 18ct yellow gold signet ring, inherited from a relative which they requested was melted down and crafted into a wedding band for their upcoming marriage.

Unset the onyx

To be able to safely melt the metal without damaging the black onyx centre stone we needed to cut the stone out, which was returned to the customer to use at a later date.


Melt the gold

Using a crucible and welding torch the gold which has been cut out of the ring is heated to excess of 600 degrees Centigrade to melt it, at which point it is poured into the mould creating a simple gold bar

Roll the gold into a bar

The goldsmith then uses a series of rollers to 'roll out' the metal, reducing it in width and depth and at the same time stretching it longer and to the desired profile. This process continues until the band is the correct profile and length.


Anneal the metal

The goldsmith then anneals the gold, which is a process of heating the metal until it glows red, and allowing to cool. Because of rolling the metal it becomes 'work-hardened' which means it is both hard but also brittle and can cause it to crack. Annealing changes the structure of the metal making it more malleable and easier to work with.

File the band to shape

Filing the ring to shape is a skilled and lengthy process and will be completed little by little to ensure the ring it is even and symmetrical all over


Size and anneal the ring

Once the profile of the ring is perfect it will be adjusted in size to fit the intended recipient. During this process the ring will be annealed again a number of times to ensure the metal is malleable and workable.

Polish and Finish the Ring

At this stage all that is left is for the ring to be polished. The process will differ depending on the metal and condition, but will use up to 5 different grades of polish from a course rouge, to a high polish compound creating the shiny gleaming finish you wold expect from a gold ring.


This is just one example of one of many different ways to reuse, remodel and rework jewellery. If you have an idea and would like to know if it is feasible; or if you have jewellery and would like us to come up with ideas on how best to use it, get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

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