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Make your own wedding bands

Get into the workshop yourself and under the tutelage of our experienced goldsmiths create your own wedding bands.

At Hatton Garden Jewellery we offer you and your partner the unique experience of creating your wedding rings yourself, by hand, in our London workshop.

In the heart of Hatton Garden, and under the close supervision of our expert head goldsmith, you and your loved one will be able to create rings and memories which you can treasure for a lifetime.

Get to experience the art of jewellery making yourself, and go home with the rings you and your partner have made for each other!

This course will teach you the basics of metal work, instructing you how to create a ring from scratch. You will learn to create your ring, and file, polish, shape and size metal.

This once in a lifetime experience is the perfect engagement gift! Present your partner with this unique experience and enjoy the opportunity to create your perfect wedding bands.


The price of your ring will depend on its final weight in grams. There is a flat fee of £250 per person which will be added to the price of the metal in the ring. 

Contact us using the form below to get no obligation quotation, or book an appointment to visit us in the workshop. This way you can choose the style of the bands you want to make, measure your finger sizes and get an accurate quotation. 

Description Price
Per person per day £250
Metal cost per gram  
   Platinum £POA
   18ct White, Rose or Yellow Gold £POA
   Palladium £POA

 *all prices inc. VAT

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Here is how it works...

The first port of call will be for you to book an appointment with us to choose what you and your partner would like your wedding bands to look like.

You will be shown our wide range of choices, and we can help you narrow down the perfect band for you, choosing carefully over band shape, design, width and type of metal.

The design of the wedding band you choose usually depends on the engagement ring it will sit next to as well as what style and shape suits your hand the best, so we will take you through all the different options to find the perfect fit!

It is during this time that we will get your ring size as well, to make sure that you make your rings in your perfect size!

Once we know the style and size of the rings we can provide an accurate quotation.

On the day itslef you will sit down with the Head Goldsmith, and they will help you work out a plan of what each person will need to make to achieve their completed bands! Some couples choose to make their own bands, others chose to make the band for their partner - whichever you decide, just let the goldsmith know.

Melt your metal

Next, you will be taken into the workshop to begin the process of making your bands. Depending on which metal you have chosen, you will have two options. If you have chosen to create a gold or white gold wedding band, then you will begin by melting the metal into a workable bar! If you have chosen platinum, you will be given a pre-melted bar to work with. This is due to the extremely high melting temperature of platinum - over 1700 degrees Celsius!


Roll out your metal

Then you will proceed to roll out the melted metal bar into the required shape. You will learn the annealing process and some facts about the metal you are working with along the way.

Shape your rings

Continuing to work on your band, you will get to use the saw frame, and be taught how to use pliers to cut and shape your metal band, as well as learning the art of soldering!


Polish your ring

When your ring is made, you will learn to polish the rings, to make them beautiful and sparkly! Using polishing wheels that are specifically made for jewellery you will apply varying grades of hard to soft polish.

By the end of the day, after stopping for lunch, you will each have finished your ring.

We will keep these rings and send them to get them stamped at the London Assay office next door. This is a very important process, and the assaying of jewellery is a legal requirement in the UK. The stamps all differ, and will denote what metal your band is, where it was assayed, the date it was stamped, and the Daniel Christopher hallmark.

You will be able to collect your rings the day after, and take them home with you to enjoy!